Create 3D MEP Models in Revit That Are Truly Constructible

From concept to installation, Stabicad provides integrated calculations, up-to-date manufacturer content and comprehensive productivity tools that support you in producing the highest levels of detail in your 3D designs quickly in Revit.

Mechanical & Electrical Design Software

Stabicad helps mechanical and electrical engineers to unlock open BIM by streamlining M&E design workflows with time-saving productivity tools, comprehensive UK compliant integrated calculations and always up-to-date manufacturer content. Improve your mechanical and/or electrical design efficiency and visualise your 3D calculations within a single model in Revit®. With Stabicad you can design and install your next model to be truly constructible.


  • Design 3D MEP models in Revit
  • Run integrated calculations to UK regulations for HVAC sizing
  • Intuitive connection solutions (Nodesolver)
  • Sprinkler Design Tool to European standards
  • Advanced prefabrication capabilities
  • Produce schematic diagrams to interact with the 3D Revit model


  • Compliant calculations with IET Wiring Regulations and latest IEC International Standards
  • ProDesign 3D manual and automatic circuit routing tools
  • Route circuits and size containment, automatically populating annotations
  • Extensive localised library of MEP content
  • Connected Collaboration with Trimble Connect

Industry leading compliance verified by CIBSE

Have confidence in the accuracy and efficacy of Stabicad’s powerful calculation engines - the first product to complete CIBSE's pioneering Software Verification Assessment program. Stabicad’s air systems and heating & cooling water systems calculations were the first to be compliant with CIBSE methods.

Take your design workflow to the next level

Hitting every strage of the workflow, Stabicad fits in with the design practice of every engineer. Design and install your next model to be truly constructible with:

Constructible Designs

Stabicad contains a full suite of unique tools specifically created to aid UK designers with intuitive connection solutions. Efficiently produce truly constructible, detailed 3D MEP designs to prefabricate off-site and install on-site. From early concept to installation on site.

High Quality MEP Content

Stabicad offers fully integrated, up-to-date UK and international manufacturer specific content, generic and editable content, and full access to MEP BIM libraries. With Stabicad, you can produce Revit models as accurate to the intended model as possible.

Connected Collaboration

With access to Trimble Connect included with Stabicad, MEP designers can share, manage and access all project data with all other Trimble Connect users such as key stakeholders, helping to quickly identify and rectify clashes, communicate changes and invite feedback at anytime, anywhere.    

M&E features

Stabicad is fully equipped and ready to support UK MEP professionals produce quality, usable project output.

Revit Integrated software

Stabicad seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Revit to perform calculations and design 3D models and 2D schematics in accordance with UK regulations.

Nodesolver the Connecting Tool

The Nodesolver is a unique connections tool available in Stabicad to connect pipes, ducts and other elements and resolve complex nodes quickly and accurately. 


Stabicad Autorouting is the new way to model technical installations more efficiently and accurately. While drawing pipes all fittings will be automatically placed and if you change (parts of) the system, the pipes, fittings and the specific properties, such as article numbers, will automatically update too. Stabicad also significantly improves Revit cable routing, enabling electrical designers to efficiently route compliant circuits with defined service type containment permissions, providing dedicated containment even when Autorouting circuits.


Minimise your installation time by creating prefab sets with Stabicad’s comprehensive Prefabrication Tool. Easily divide your system designs into transportable sections and use the coding tool to generate tags that flow through to prefab sheets. You can code the sets with standard or personalised codes such as part or assembly numbers, enabling highly accurate manufacturer specific designs in the office, to manageable fabrication offsite and then coordinated installation onsite.

Integrated calculations

In addition to the standard Revit calculations, Stabicad is equipped with a full suite of British Standard and Regulation compliant calculations. Calculation overviews are available at the click of a button to enable fully informed and fast decision making throughout the project lifecycle. Designers can output this wide range of crucial information through the generation of reports, export functionality to various extensions and auto-populating, index linked annotations, helping to ensure design integrity through clear, low effort yet accurate communication.

MEP Content

Stabicad offers fully integrated, up-to-date UK and international manufacturer specific content, as well as generic and editable content for MEP. Easily navigate our BIM library with the MEPcontent Browser with great speed and flexibility to select and download 3D content from MEPcontent. Thanks to the high quality, uniform and parametric content which has been standardized to local and European standards, the data can be easily shared and exported, for example in a COBie file.

Export and Import Excel

The Export and Import Excel seamlessly combines the functionalities of Revit and Microsoft Excel. Easily export Revit data to Excel, edit the elements by changing parameter values, adjust your Revit Schedules, Plans, Sheets and Views, and import them back into Revit, without any hassle.  

Connected Collaboration with Trimble Connect

Share, manage and access all project data with all other key stakeholders with Trimble Connect, which is included with Stabicad. Trimble Connect helps you to quickly identify and rectify clashes, communicate changes and invite feedback at anytime, anywhere. 


Mechanical Revit families

Thousands of elements for ductwork, heating, cooling and plumbing

Mechanical diagrams

Quickly visualise piping and duct installation concepts by creating mechanical schematics

Sprinkler system designs

Easily create concept sprinkler system designs before contracting out to a fire alarm and safety specialist

Flexible piping

Draw flexible and bendable pipes just as easily as rigid pipes

Integrated mechanical calculations

Calculate ventilation ducts, including air leakage; gas pipes; tap water, including circulation pipes; central heating and cooling pipes; and wastewater systems


Electrical Revit families

Thousands of cable ducts, fixtures, switches, sockets, data points and components for fire prevention and suppression, telecoms and security systems

Switch range configurator

With the free ABB switch range configurator for Revit you can easily design, manage and configure complete switch ranges

ProDesign 3D cable

routing tools

Route compliant circuits on any size project efficiently and accurately with intuitive manual and automatic circuit routing tools

Rapidly find changes

and fix errors

Each warning and error is index-linked to the affected point in your design in a way that’s already familiar to ProDesign users

Integrated electrical calculations

Powerful BS 7671 compliant integrated ProDesign calculations

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